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I have been working on a series of short comic stories for a on-going graphic novel called 'Twisted Dark', written and self published by writer Neil Gibson at T-Publications. Follow the link to see selected pages from each story.
I have also been the colourist for various
stories at T-Pub including all six episodes of Tourtured Life illustrated by my bother, Caspar Wijngaard.


In 2013/14 I illustrated both volumes 1 and 3 of Max Steel's graphic Novels published by Viz Media. Both books are now available.

Ruin: The Beast Inside is a new comic book story from writer Samsun Lobe.
It follows the adventures of a ferral barbarian called Ruin. The series is a spin-off from the novels Ruin: Ledgend and Ruin: Awakening.
So far I have illustrated issuse 1 of the series and 5 covers.



An on-going series of illustrations which you can now buy through my online shop. The images consit of girls in a night time woodland enviroment wearing different animal designed hoodys. I originally started with the owl hoody girl then decided it would be fun to do more. So far I have 11 different designs and hopefully when I have some spare time from my busy comic career I will be adding to that.


​Welcome to my site. Here I'll keep you updated with any new work I have coming through. Currently I'm working as a colourist for Tortured Life. Have a look on my portfolio page to see more.


Last year I created character sprites for an indie moblie game called Coeliac Sam. The game is designed to help children with Coeliac disease. I animated all the sprites using Photoshop before making them into GIFs for the client to see.  The one here is the 'Death' animation. You can find the game for free on IOS, android and Goggle.

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