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The Evermoor Chronicles:


In the spring of 2014 I created a story board for the new children show Evermoor. The screen was set at night so I used a blue tone throughout then added highlights to give the impression of light from the lantern. This was pre-character finalization so the girls in this board are generic with longhair and school uniforms.


In 2015 I went on to be a graphic desiger for the show and provied yet another storyboard for a complicated scene.


I currently provide stunt storyboards for the TV show Hollyoaks. These usually consist of huge explotions, casulties, and wrecked vehicles.


Here are a few pages of panels from each of those scenes.


Like Hollyoaks, Casualty's storyboards usually consist of stunts and 'casualties'. They can be very imaginative, one of which consist of a robin hood hen party gone wrong. 


A few pages of a storyboard I created in the form of a graphic novel. Used as a pitch for a new TV reality show.

Please click on the image to see them in full.

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