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My Portfolio

Rust Project.

I've always loved the formations and colours rust gives off and decided to use it in my artwork. These characters all have close up images of rust which compliment the scene.
Here are various galleries of my work including digital and traditional mediums

​​Digital Artwork.
Here are various images I have created in Photoshop CS5 and some in Coral Painter X.

​Most are these images are for portfolio and experimental uses.


Click on the image to see more



Celeste is a children's book I'm currently illustrating to be self published. The story is of a young girl who has her childhood toy rabbit 'Pierre' sent to the skip. Se then embarks on an adventure to rescue him. Written by Scott MacKillican

Using a simple colour scheme, the images show girls wearing various animal inspired hoodies. Each image retains the silhouette forest scene keeping the continuous flow.
Animal Hoody Girls have recently been on a new childrens TV show called Evermoor and feature on the bedroom wall of the main character
Tara Crossley. You can also buy prints at my on line shop.

Animal Hoody Girls

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